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Athens Fashion Show 2017


exhibition athens clothing tights pantyhoses with cystals and stones
Athens Fashion Trade Show 2017 – Lafira – Upside Down


Lafira ‘s participation Kiosk at the Fashion Trade Show 2017 that took place in Athens-Greece HELEXPO center, was definitely one of its kind, turning the upside down where many visitors are going to remember it for a long time.

Lots of head turnings and a lot of interest for the new trend where jewels have been moved from high to low.

Our model Katerina was there as well. She has a long experience with really big names of the Greek fashion industry, some of which have gone internationally.

mina pantyhose tights with tattoo and rhinestones
tights with crystals rhinestones









We made our first presence in the market leaving a strong notification of our work, till the next coming one!

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Mina’s Tirith

Mina Tsamou

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Here we will be talking about fashion, trends and everything beyond the standard limits that we are experiencing in our daily lives as if those were the correct ones. Alternative nutrition, gymnastics, yoga and of course my fields of expertise… music, will be overviewed, sometimes totally against the usuals that this industrialized world is teaching us how things should be.

I was always intrigued to see what is next and behind the scenes and guess what… i always found that there is a path leading to a new room, sometimes undiscovered or for some reason left alone because of the doubts, the untested.

I started with embroidery machines and ended up with a thermostatic, trying to bring clothing and jewelry together as one. All my creations are handmade and strictly tested one by one, as i am always using the finest qualities that make our modern style of living the more relief and comfort that all hard working moms deserve, while it carries out a totally new trend in jewelry without the need to put extra stones and metals on your body. Ok I admit it, it also brings in tattoos and body piercing the same time.

At the end this is us, women, always trying to stand out from the crowd and get the attention that we deserve, otherwise a blue suit, a white shirt and a pair of black shoes would be it.

I will always be a day dreamer who will not compromise with the correctly supposed to be, but who will keep looking for the correct path according to my perception of what is good for me, rhinestones leggings tightsmy family and the society around me… my Mina’s Tirith.

Please feel free to comment, share and become our ambassadors in fashion.


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Mina’s Solo Clarinet

Rondo et capriccioso – Camille Saint Saens – for clarinet


One of the fastest solos for clarinet, played here at Athens Megaron, the biggest Music Hall of Greece.

Written from Camille Saint Saens for violin at first place , you can see me here at the last couple minutes competing with the violins at speed. A very dangerous act that needs lots of practice and focus, watch the reactions of my music co-players at the end.

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This is our first post on our blog. Here we will bring the different and beyond…

Lafira = looms ( war prizes )

lafira pantyhoses tights

Fashion is more than a dress up… it is about style… our signature with a communication code!

Style opinions, suggestions… are all welcomed here.

Hope you like it and keep up with us… cheers!


This is your Lafira.